Joe Alexander

What if?

This question has always been my creative North Star.

What’s possible? What hasn’t been done before? How can a brand standout amid the chaos? What levers can be pulled in new and engaging ways? The result has been ideas that defy convention. Not wild one-offs based on a random gut feeling. But big platforms rooted in human truth and strategic insight that have not only won praise across the world, but won market share, as well.


What if a nuclear bomb was dropped on New Orleans?

An interactive film that explores in depth just how close we came to nuclear war. The twist? We actually created nuclear war. Winner of an Emmy, 2013.


What if Walmart was suddenly likable?

Instead of a Smiley Face, a campaign for the largest retailer in the world that actually put a smile on your face. Silver and Bronze at The One Show, 2012.


What if a pre-roll won the Film Grand Prix?

Taking the pre-roll skip button and making it impossible to skip. The perfect storm of insight and craft. Adweek campaign of the year, 2015.


What if a Green Monster was let loose in Manhattan?

Making and selling for the first time the green paint the Red Sox use on the famous left field wall. A homerun. Cannes Lions Titanium, 2014.


What if you were asked to sell a stale cookie?

Oreo was 100 years old and acting like it. Until we added music, animation and a little wonder. Consumers ate it up in record numbers. Winner, AICP, 2013.


What if a blood thirsty Orc followed you everywhere?

Shadow of War is the video game that never forgets a move you make. Cool. Now let’s sell it using a media plan that never forgets a move you make.


What if baby clothes were made for parents?

For the first time, a campaign talked to parents about the reality of dressing a greased pig. Winner, One Show Silver, 2002.


What if the most daring trip in history happened again?

JFK promised a man on the moon. What he didn’t promise was sending millions to the moon using something called the Internet. Winner, FWA site of 2009.


What if car insurance was sold using camels, penguins, sloths and a lizard?

Good hands and good neighbors are fine. But what’s really good? Humor. Laugh out loud, tap into pop culture, can’t wait to share humor. Winner, One Show Client of the Year, 2016.


What if Justin Bieber could help cure cancer?

A campaign that tapped into a very human truth: every birthday is a celebration. But when you have cancer, every birthday says you are alive. Winner, Webby, 2009.


What if you turned your art director into a TV star?

Andy Azula, long-haired art director and partner. After UPS campaign with him in all 45 spots runs for 5 years: RICH, long-haired art director and partner.


What if Barack Obama was your boss?

It was a once in lifetime moment and I was lucky enough to be a very small part of the winning team. (Boy, do we miss him.)