Joe Alexander

Martin Culture

Richmond is far off the beaten path.

We had to create our own inertia in Richmond to attract and retain talent. So I always felt my job as CCO was to make sure the culture was magnetic. From doing a lot together as an agency, to making sure everyone felt part of something bigger. Our motto: good to each other, tough on the work.


The Little Red Book

A Mike Hughes’ speech inspired me to create this ode to joy, life and work. It was on every desk at the agency and sold at Hennesy/Ingalls in LA.

Martin 50th Website

A crafty site dedicated to the best of The Martin Agency. FWA Site of the Day.


Martin 50th Book

A coffee table book I curated, celebrating the half-century of Martin creativity.


A monthly series where employees shared their craft, inspired by the film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.”